Monday, April 6, 2015

Today is the Day of The 2015 MSTP Symposium!

Spring break is over today for our Med 1 and Med 2 (and in some cases, Grad #) students, but what better way to ease back in to the rest of the semester than with MSTP Symposium? This year we're looking forward to some great student talks from our very own Jon S., Arick P, Kimberly K., and Brendan F., a keynote presentation from Dr. Helen Hobbs, and a program dinner afterward. Speaking of dinner, here are some photos of dinner from last year's Symposium dinner:

Salad! (and if you look closely at the background, cookies!~)

Chicken and Squash. 

Vegetarian option: gigantic lasagna. 

Photo credits: Brittany Y. 

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