Submission Info for Current Students

All content on this blog is initiated by current UW MSTP students. If you are a current student and would like to contribute, that's great! Just follow the media-specific instructions below.

Content Submission Instructions

Photo / Video:
- Media submissions must be original or appropriately credited (i.e. please don’t send in random images copied from the internet without a means of attributing credit properly because that opens us up to copyright issues, and copyright issues are not cool).
- If the media originally belongs to someone else (e.g. your roommate used their camera to take a photo of you while hiking through the arboretum), please make sure you have permission/approval of the owner before sending it in.
- If the media features the face(s) of someone not yourself, please also obtain their permission/approval before sending it in. Because manners.
- It will be assumed that the permissions described above have been obtained as needed on all photographs and videos submitted.
- Please include a brief caption for context of what is being shown (e.g. “Late afternoon on the terrace” or “AYCE Sushi at Muramoto”).
- Please also include the name of the person who took the picture/video (or, if the photographer/videographer prefers to remain anonymous, acknowledgement of this fact).

Links to interesting articles, websites, etc.:
- No special instructions, just send in the link.

Miscellaneous Announcements (e.g. accomplishments, publicity for an event, etc.):
- No special instructions, just send in pertinent details.

Send all content submissions to the UWMSTP communications email with the word “blog” somewhere in the subject line. KTHXBYE!

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